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History of Argan Oil: Argan Oil has been around for thousands of years. One could say that it is “older than dirt,” but really it is only as old as the oldest argan tree.  Chemists, physicists, and medical doctors have studied it.  It is 100% pure and organic. Argan Oil is manufactured (and produced/grown) mainly in Morocco. Due to Morocco’s unique climate and conditions, it possesses a unique blend of precipitation, heat, and humidity that is necessary in order for the argan tree to grow to its fullest potential.  Certain farms in Morocco are beleived to have argan trees that go back thousands of years.  These trees produce the argan nut that yield pure golden argan oil.  It will not harm your body, but actually help it. The anti-oxidants found in it’s base make it a perfect source as an anti-aging remedy, and that is only the beginning. Nutrient components containing tocopherols, phytosterols and squalences only add to the richness as free-radicals posing harm to our skin cannot penetrate the protective shield of argan oil. Argan oil will allow you to get a few (or more) of those years back.  From helping joint pain, removing visible scar tissue, and even rejuvenating hair and nail follicles are only a few of the benefits of this rare oil.

Where to Buy Argan Oil: There area  variety of different websites that sell argan oil, including Josie Maran, Agadir and more.  We’ve found that the best argan oil is the most pure, and while there are some great manufacturers of argan oil, many of them are merely a generic moisturizer that contains a few drops of argan oil and brand it as “pure argan” when in all actuality it is not.

At purearganoil.net, we list several manufacturers that sell argan oil.  All of these manufacturers list argan oil as the #1 ingredient, therefore these argan oil manufacturers are the ones that have the most potent forms of argan oil.

Argan Oil Popularity – Argan Oil began its trend in the 1990s in many European countries and made its way to the US in early 2000.  During that time, many cosmetic companies started to produce argan oil.  Many succeeded, but many failed.  To date there are only 2-3 brands that have stood the test of time, along a few other off brands of argan oil that get shipped as “white labeled” products directly from Morocco.  The figure below will show the popularity of argan oil from 2004 until present day (April 2013).

argan oil

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