Types of Argan Oil Products


Argan Shampoo

Shampoo is produced from the argan tree

Argan Shampoo – The restorative and nourishing foam of pure organic argan shampoo is creamy and soft, but extremely affective. With its delicate perfume and highly protective nature, the shampoo is a “must buy” for any hair type. It has become a permanent fixture for anyone treating limestone or “hard water” effects. After only a few uses, the drying properties of limestone is removed, leaving hair shiny and flexible once again.  Recently added to the tool chest of major hair salons everywhere, pure argan oil shampoo has become a staple to the best and brightest of stylists.  Most consumers will have to purchase the products online, as they are extremely hard to source on the mainstream market.



Pure Argan Soap

One of the most sought after soaps on the market

Argan Oil Soap – Only containing natural ingredients, the best bars and gels will have nearly 90% pure argan oil in their makeup.  These soaps will not only repair damaged and aged skin, but give off a relaxing fragrance, allowing for a pleasurable shower or bath.  As you bathe, the soap will release the sent of flowers, spices, and fruits will overwhelm the senses.  Even after the first use, the skin will feel smoother and softer to the touch. Pure Argan Soap is an essential beauty product, for any and all skin types.



Argan Oil For Hair

No Frizz and No Flakes

Argan Oil For Hair– Another of argan oil’s many uses, pure argan oils for hair have the ability to repair split ends almost over night. It will condition even the most damaged hair.  There are few treatments out that are 100% pure and organic. This is one of those products that can really boast that “you get what you pay for”.  We always recommend that you wet the hair before applying. Even though the oils are recommended for hair that is unusually dry, frizzy, or limp, nearly anyone may benefit from its usage. The overall outcome of product usage leaves hair soft and silky; shinny, but not greasy.  Average retail price is $25-50.00 USD and rising. Be weary when you buy pure argan oil online.



Pure Argan Skin Cream

Can be applied nearly anywhere

Pure Argan Creams  -These phenomenal creams are the best defense against any type of tension, whether it be environmental, or even external.  It may be used for a day or night moisturizer.  Fortified by Pure Argan Oil, the creams available today will hydrate and even nourish even the worst looking skin. Through the aging process, extended exposure to UV rays, or have ever been a smoker, over time your skin will really take a beating! Pure Argan Creams will almost immediately remove the devastating crows feet and wrinkles caused.  Did we mention that pollutants in the air will also effect the way your skin looks and feels?  None of these effects are exaggerated, it is 100% true! Organic Argan Creams even protect the tissue under the skin. That’s where these creams really set themselves apart from the rest, they will actually help rejuvenate any weakened or aged skin on you.



Raw Argan Oil

The argan seeds that produce this powerful oil

Raw Organic Argan Oil – Formally named Argania Spinosa, most recently know for it’s relief of hypertension, this “wonder oil” is currently utilized in major motion pictures, media advertising, and other forms of entertainment. This product is at it’s purest when cold pressed Research has shown that other creams and lotions promise more, but deliver less than Pure Argan oil.  Reason being, no other skin or hare products include quite the unique abundance of healing nutrients that you’ll find in raw organic Argan oil. Organic Argan oil does not contain any other chemicals or synthetic ingredients, which helps protect any part of the body, naturally, without any chemical imbalance. If you can find it, and have the time/means to use it correctly in it’s most basic form, the raw oil is incomparable.



Culinary Argan Oil

Ground and Heated into Cooking Oil

Culinary Argan Oil – Also extracted directly from the argan trees, this oil has become more popular by the day because of its high vitamin E content, omega-6 essential fatty acid, and antioxidant properties.  It was originally used in foods because of it’s taste, resembling the flavor of almonds and hazelnut. Recent research has shown that culinary argan oil stimulates cells in the brain, and also helps maintain, protect, and even rejuvenate liver function.  It also plays a major role in reducing the likely-hood of a stroke or heart attack in older men.  This oil is even known to lower cholesterol. Be extremely careful where you buy as it should always come 100% pure and full roasted, and if it doesn’t provide a seal stating that, don’t buy it!  It can be used in soups, salads, or even a glaze to your favorite dish!  Culinary Argan Oil, for cooking surfaces also in this centuries old traditional production and cannot be forgotten. The UCFA has assured with its guarantee that it remains in its most natural state, where only the processes needed to created it are applied.