What is Argan Oil?

What is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil

  • Comes from the Argan Tree, which is found only in Morocco, Africa
  • The Argan Tree produces the argan nut, which is similar to an almond in size and shape
  • Argan oil is produced by squeezing the oil from the argan nut
  • Argan oil has both culinary and cosmetic uses
  • It is 100% organic and great for your skin, nails and hair

In short: Argan Oil is the oil that has been extracted from the nuts of the Argan Tree (commonly found in Morocco) and then refined for use on your hair, skin, nails, as well as cooking and eating.  It has been used for thousands of years and is truly an organic substance.


Argan Oil

As I look around at the cosmetic store (my bathroom) I notice that they are FAR from organic.  Not even the fruit flavored lip gloss lipstick!  Most women (including myself) don’t realize that almost all beauty products are poisonous and/or deadly.  We (proverbial) test these poisonous products everyday on plants, animals, and ever ourselves, which is just wrong.

About a year ago, I discovered what women of prestige already knew; Argan oil is 100% natural, and so healthy you can actually eat it!  Try doing that with your favorite shampoo and see what happens.  So now that your “in the know”, why would you put something on your bod that you couldn’t put in your body?

There are an abundance of benefits with argan oil, and many uses for it. It’s a rare commodity, and is now being used in the form of soaps, oils, creams, and more.  Primarily, it’s most beneficial use has been the treatment of wrinkles and the treatment of skin elasticity.

Argan Not Only Rejuvenates, but Defends Against Time

From smokers to the most aggressive tanners and abusive diets, Argan actually has the ability to turn back father time.  For years, I would avoid the sun at all cost, because the more direct sunlight I had the faster I aged.  Luckily I found Argan, as it not only shows the best side of my skin, but protects it from the outside agents I come in contact with every day.

Without any type of additives, Argan treats acne, eczema/psoriasis, dry/cracked/callused skin, dandruff, and hair loss.  It’s a all natural treatment that may not do the job as fast, but with regular use it works, and works long-term.  Even where I don’t have damaged hair or skin, I can still appreciate the moisture it and protection it provides. Did I mention “no additives”!

Essence of Argan Oil Has Those Ingredients

This is a true statement but, most of your beauty products carry ingredients extracted from argan oil.  Wouldn’t you rather have a real Louis Vuitton bag than one you bought at a thrift store? For less than or equal to the same price? Of coarse you would, so would I!

One of its main ingredients (vitamin E) even helped remove the scar on my face, no thanks to my pet.  It has some of the highest amounts of E that you may find anywhere.  Vitamin E helps in fighting off the radical scar tissue found deep within the skin after penetrating the first few surfaces.  I made the mistake of leaving one of my scars/scabs unattended for months, and if not for argan, I would have been cursed to show it for the rest of my life.  You may find my actual testimonial on our testimonials page.

Less is More!  Argan Oil is all you Need

As I was looking through my personal beauty shop (my bathroom and bedroom) I had what some would call a reflective moment.  I recalled something my mother said to me as a young child, that I still (at times) resonates with me today.  “Lisa, why do you work so hard? work smarter little girl, not harder”, she said.  I tend to only apply that mentality to work, but recently discovered uses in other aspects of my life.  I have way to many different beauty products for EVERYTHING!

The great thing about argan oil (one of many) is that it has a wide variety of uses.  I like to call it my multi-beauty-solution. As I stated earlier, argan oil can be used for almost anything; from nails to hair, from skincare to culinary uses.  Whether I’m home or on the road, I have argan oil with me.  Even on the worst hair days, the little spritz bottle (which is one of the (now few) products in my handbag) takes care of most of my needs. I use it as a per-treatment before shampooing my hair, in the winter months as a natural alternative to chap-stick, and even as a massage oil.  There are tens to hundreds of applications!

 What Is Essence Of Argan?

One of the best products a woman can use is the Argan Oil. It is easily made available to customers around the world now via the internet. It comes from the kernels of the argan tree, which is pretty much a one of a kind tree found only in a small region of Morocco. It’s a rare tree. The word is spreading rapidly about this natural, organic, anti-aging product. Articles in the New York Times written as recently as yesterday suggest that the products of this argan tree is now becoming mainstream. There may be a lot available in the market today. All of them assure the best of results. Essence of Argan is 100% pure, natural, and organic. Its users rave about its ability to smooth skin wrinkles, and reverse the effect of aging.

Many around the world, mostly in North America, have named Essence of Argan “Liquid Gold”. The ingredients that are contained in this product, from essential fatty acids, ferulic acid, vitamin E, squalene, natural antioxidants, carotenoids, polyphenols, and sterol are all miraculous. And most of its users have two thing in common when it comes to the results and benefits enjoyed when the product started being used:
1.    Increased moisturization
2.    Visibly decreased fine lines

Straight from Morocco, and having been an A-list secret among Hollywood celebrities for so long, Essence of Argan has recently seen its popularity increase. It is exclusively the best beauty product out there in the world.

While thousands of products are pure chemicals, they are mostly the ones that cause skin irritations. Knowing and understanding the ingredients contained in any product used is of great importance. Many products claim to be miraculous and anti-aging work-wonders. Yet non of them, not even the ones that are also organic and natural, such as Shea and Cocoa products, can phase the wondrous miraculous results when one starts using an all natural Essence of Argan, 100% pure Moroccan argan oil, which is know to be the latest eventful and miraculous product in the cosmetic industry.

In every nook and corner of the world the same things are said of the Essence of Argan. It is acclaimed to be nature’s ultimate anti-aging product. That creates a buzz in the cosmetic industry, thus increasing popularity of argan oil. The proof of the efficacy of the Essence of Argan deals with the unsightly signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and so on. No other known product has shown such significant changes in its users. It’s just worth trying it.
The Essence of Argan shows the best results in all the products out there in the cosmetic industry. Thousands praise its results. No complaints are heard of. The argan oil certainly works miracles even for those with sensitive skins who cannot use just any product and have to consult experts in dermatology in order to avoid things to get worse then they already are, and to be knowledgeable as necessary.

Provider of moisturization, protection, and nourishment to any skin type, Combatant of aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging of skin, the Essence of Argan in short is super beneficial for both dry as well as oily skin types; it’s rich in fatty acids, sterols, carotenoids, squalene, vitamin E and antioxidants and ferulic acid, all in high levels. It’s worth getting specially for acne wipe-outs.